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Nightscapes & Astrophotography

Inspiring and mesmerising

Inspiring and mesmerising, Nigel Waters nightscape photography captures the harmony of night sky and landscape under illumination by the moon and stars. Nigel Waters’s gallery of astrophotography photographs creates marvel and wonder with the emotion of belonging to a much larger entity where no man has ever been. As a night time photographer Nigel inspires us to venture out after dark and stare upward to experience the best view on earth.

Our generation of inhabitance of this amazing planet have gradually lost the magical connection with our night skies. Our busy lives, technology and above all electricity has created this disconnection so much so that many fear the dark and feel uncomfortable out in nature once the sun has set.

When I gaze up at a star filled sky I totally forget about the normal day to day stresses of both the past and the future and immerse myself in the present. I feel at peace, overwhelming happiness and often find answers to my toughest questions. It is in these moments I can put my demons to rest and realise my passion for life, family and photography. I hope over time I can create images that will inspire the viewer to get away from the city lights and reconnect themselves with the cosmos, where I guarantee for some it will be a life changing experience.

If you can’t escape electricity embrace it! You will also find in his gallery of nightscape collection titled While the world sleeps images embracing modern technology and electricity in our lives under the cover of darkness.

As a photographer these are the most fun to create where I can let my imagination run wild creating majestic light trails while capturing beautifully illuminated modern architecture.

If you would like a magical nightscape photo in print you can find available editions in his Nightscape Prints Shop

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