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Woodland & Waterfall Gallery

Mysterious and Magical

Mysterious and magical forest woodland and waterfall photography by Woodland Photographer Nigel Waters capturing the mysterious and magical elements of British forests and intimate calming waterfalls.  Nigel Waters’s photographs cut through the complexity and chaos of UK forests to isolate beautiful focal points and compositions to create magical photographic art.

It’s a challenge to isolate a subject in UK forests, or any forest for that matter which at times can be very dense and chaotic but this is what makes Woodland Photography so compelling.  The way the light can fall and the impact different seasons have on a scene can make for unique and mysterious images which I totally love to create.

Waterfalls have sense of calm about them where I can quite happily get lost in the sound of the water as it cascades over the rocks into a pool below.  We may not have the largest waterfalls in the UK but in my opinion we have some of the most beautiful!

If you would like a Woodland or Waterfall photograph in print you can find available editions in his Woodland and Waterfall Prints Shop.

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