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UK landscape photographer Nigel Waters is based in Worcestershire offering fine art photographic prints, photography workshops, 1-2-1 tuition and high quality images for licensing.  With a passion for the great outdoors and continually chasing the light to capture beautiful photographs follow his landscape, seascape and nightscape photography which will give you inspiration to get out and explore the best British landscapes have to offer.

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About Me

Landscapes, seascapes, nightscapes and astrophotography are my passion but this page is not just about photography and my images but also hopefully you will find inspiration to get out and view your surroundings in a different way and embrace the beautiful scenery we have all around us!

Life today for most of us is hectic and it is hard to find the balance between work, family and friends and often most spend their spare time watching TV or playing video games. If you are one of those people just take a minute to think and ask yourself what you did last week, last month, last year? Life passes us by at an alarming rate so don’t waste it! Get up, grab a camera, a smart phone is fine and enjoy nature and your surroundings.

My love of mountains, climbing and the great outdoors are what got me into photography when I suddenly realised that over the years I had some of my most exciting and memorable moments while exploring. Although I have those memories when I tried to explain and encourage friends and family how rewarding it can be it was difficult to portray those magical moments in words. I decided to take my landscape photography more seriously from that point on to learn and develop my skills and try to portray the moment in time through my images.

I hope my site will give you the desire to explore our wonderful world, have fun and capture some memorable moments through a camera along the way!

If you have any questions or comments then please do not hesitate to contact me via my contact page and follow my social pages on Instagram and Facebook.


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