Seascape Gallery

Majestic and awe-inspiring

Majestic and awe-inspiring, Nigel Waters seascape photography encapsulates the magic and wonders of the British coastline and its interaction with the ocean and mother nature.  Nigel Waters’s gallery of photographs captivates the raw beauty, power and mystery of our oceans with images from tranquil sun kissed horizons to the fearsome roar and power of wild horses forging their own song.

One day the coast is a place to build memories of tranquility and calmness and on another can be wild, epic, and sublime.  Our coasts are ever changing as the tides come and go where mother nature steers their course.  As a photographer this presents endless opportunities to produce photographs that are unique and timeless.

If you would like a seascape photo in print you can find available editions in his Seacape prints shop.

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