Lost in the clouds

My page is about inspiring others to get out and explore their surroundings but please take all the necessary precautions before you do set out especially if heading up mountain ranges. I have seen it time and time again people climbing mountains totally unprepared which is a recipe for disaster so “please don’t be one of those people”. If your trip is well planned and you are well prepared for what could lay ahead and use some common sense then you will be fine.

This trip up Cadair Idris, Wales in late August was a perfect example of how quickly the weather can change in the mountains and can easily catch you out!  We all have them and Cadair is mine, my Nemesis!  There is one shot in particular I have visualised and been trying to get for a long time now but every time I go something happens.  I live in the Midlands so Cadair is a 2.5hr journey without any delays then it’s the long hike up to the vantage point for the shot, who said photography was easy!  But in all seriousness this is what Landscape Photography is all about.  It’s not just about pointing the camera and pressing the button you have to contend with Mother Nature and a lot of the time she just doesn’t want to play ball!  BUT lets be honest here getting the photo I want is just the icing on the cake because where else would you rather be with these majestic views and scenery.lostincloudsresize1

Just waiting for the sunset to take my shot

It was a gorgeous summers day as I set out up the mountain to get to the vantage pointed I wanted to photograph the estuary in Barmouth where I setup ready for sunset which was due in the next 30mins. Within 5 minutes thick cloud came rolling in and visibility was down to a few meters with darkness setting in. Not what you want when you have to hike all the way back down but hopefully it will give you an awareness of how unpredictable the weather can be and how quickly it can change. The met office forecast was clear sky all night!

lostincloudsresize2 lostincloudsresize3

This is why it is so important to be prepared with a planned route so you can find your way down and having the necessary equipment just incase.  Be safe!